Still Feeling the Cold? Count Yourself Lucky you Weren’t in New York for the Big Freeze

Getting off the plane after leaving Europe for the first time, I was met with a cold blast of air like nothing I’d felt before, as temperatures of below -19°C hit New York in February of last year. It was so cold that I now feel grateful for the ‘cold’ temperature of 1°C I might get here in Bristol.

Funnily enough, New York was drastically colder than my visit to Moscow the preceding February, where quite the opposite occurred — a ‘heat wave’, with (wait for it) temperatures of up to 6°C!

If you think weather forecasts in the UK are dramatic, take a look at American TV. Broadcasts of the people of Boston trapped in snowed-in houses, followed by an escaped convict turning himself in. Reports on the risk of the cold to homeless people and general health warnings permeated every television channel and newspaper headline in the country.

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Chinese New Year in London

Participating in a study abroad program and living in London was the highlight of my Bachelor of Arts degree. This series is a record of my adventure to London and Europe with my young family and my sister as the nanny.

London holds the biggest Chinese New Year festivities outside of Asia and last year saw the biggest yet, with extravagant floats transported from China. This is not something I read.  I got it from the horse’s mouth; an organiser of the event, no less… or that’s what he claimed Continue reading


Minca – Mountain Home of Coffee, Chocolate, Rainstorms and Toucans

Last summer, during our trip to Colombia, my travel buddy and I heard about a small town in the mountains near Santa Marta where you could visit chocolate and coffee plantations, go hiking, bird-watching and swim in waterfalls. Minca, we heard, was the place to spend a few days relaxing away from the heat of the coast, chilling in cute hostels and the popular Lazy Cat Café (where I was defeated by the most delicious vegan burger in Colombia!)

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Take Me to Church: An Insight Into a Ghanaian Church Service

I still vividly remember the first time I attended church in Ghana and, although it wasn’t entirely through choice, it is something I Continue reading


From Under the Rubble: Earthquakes on New Zealand’s South Island

I spent the vast majority of 2016 on the South Island of New Zealand, an area deeply rooted in nature. The whole place seems to have spilled out from a page of National Geographic. It is a land of Continue reading