5 Tips for Cheap Travelling

Have you noticed that there’s nearly always one person that seems to be relaxing on a different beach on a different continent every time you check Facebook while you’re all snuggled up with a cup of tea in your hands, trying to escape the rainy weather at home? Do you find yourself just sitting there wondering how they manage to travel so frequently while you’re about to head to sleep as your alarm will go off in 6 hours?

Well, here are some tips that’ll help you travel more for less money and help you to not even bother about that alarm going off soon, as you’ll be daydreaming about your next trip while working.


So you’re fed up of your alarm clock and checking social media, only to find everyone is having more fun than you. Do something about it: don’t be scared! (Photographer: murdelta; Flickr)

1. Stay up-to-date. Always.

Stay updated with travel deals, check the webpages of airlines, bus companies etc. regularly and you’ll find some mind-blowing deals. Figure out which companies/pages you like best and subscribe to their newsletters — that’s how I managed to fly from Germany to London and back for €1.98.

2. Don’t be picky

You found a great deal to go to Andorra next week? You might have no idea where exactly this place is, it might not impress your friends and you might have no idea what to expect, but the deal is amazing? Well then, go. Go and see it for yourself. If you’re trying too desperately to go to one specific place, you’ll find it hard to keep it cheap. Flying to Bangkok on the first day of your holiday might be super expensive whereas flying to Canada two days later might only cost a hundred bucks, and both would be an adventure. Besides, isn’t being surprised what travelling is all about?

Joao Carlos Medau

Not been to Andorra, but there’s an insanely cheap deal? Go for it. Exploring new places is even more satisfying when done at a ridiculously low cost. (Photographer: Joao Carlos Medau; Flickr)

3. Make friends

Take your mother’s advice that she gave you on your first day of school and make some friends. Not just while travelling, but also at work, online, when going out, EVERYWHERE. There are so many lovely and interesting people out there, make an effort to get to know them. Maybe they will be your future travel buddies, maybe they live in a place you’re dying to visit, maybe they can come and visit you and explore your home with you, maybe they know someone who knows someone who has a spare couch you could sleep on in your favourite city. You’ll never know if you don’t dare to say a simple ‘Hi’.

4. Don’t expect but appreciate much

You think you couldn’t live without electricity for days, you couldn’t start the day without a proper breakfast and coffee or not shower for a few days? Trust me, you can. Maybe the hostel you’re staying at doesn’t have a shower curtain, but they might cook the most amazing traditional dinner for you. You probably won’t be able to afford all the luxuries you have at home when travelling, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing so. Challenge yourself a little and appreciate all those things even more when you’re back at home. Nothing beats a proper shower at home after camping for weeks, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.


You won’t look (or smell) your best whilst camping, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy yourself. Camping is a majorly cheap way to travel, so if you haven’t done it yet, do consider it. (Photographer: RichardBH; Flickr)

5. It doesn’t have to be far away

There are those times when you simply can’t go on a long and exotic trip but still feel like you need to get away and see something different. Why not go on a little road trip in your own country? I live in Germany, work full time and only had a weekend to get away. Just a 2 hour drive later I was able to enjoy myself near the Alps, swim in a lake by the mountains and explore some chilly caves. And I only paid  €35. No matter where you live, I promise there’s a place worth travelling to nearby that’ll satisfy your desire for a change to everyday life.

So get your hands on your laptop now, do a little research and don’t be afraid of being a little spontaneous — happy travelling!

Featured image © kokorowashinjin


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