Exploration began as part of the Erudition News Group, founded by students at Bristol university, in 2010. Since then, it has grown into a fantastic resource for student travellers across the globe, not just for readers – but for young aspiring travel writers and journalists to practice their writing skills in an approachable and helpful forum.

Our fantastic team of voluntary student and recent graduate editors work year-round, reading articles, talking to writers, and giving insightful feedback for their work. They’re also good for a moan or a shoulder to cry on – as fountains of travel-writing knowledge, we try and share our know-how in the friendliest and most accessible way possible. Our writers are extremely talented, enthusiastic, and (we hope) are going to be the next generation of successful writers and journalists. You saw them here first!

Exploration is driven entirely on a voluntary basis – we are non-profit and simply ask for an article or so per month for individual, professional feedback. If you’d like to get involved or have any questions about what we do, drop us a comment below or an email at exploration_editor@hotmail.co.uk.



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