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Chloe is currently studying American History at the University of East Anglia and hopes to pursue a career in America…so long as Trump doesn’t get in the way! She has travelled extensively as a scuba diver, visiting countries such as Egypt, Mozambique and the Maldives, but is particularly keen on visiting the Americas and Africa. Her bucket list definitely includes the little-known delights of Asia, and anywhere that offers brilliant diving – Australasia, she is coming for you!

Top 10 Highlights of the West Coast (California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah), Part 1

In late July/early August 2016, my travel companion and I embarked on a two week coach tour of the West Coast of the US along with twenty or so other people from around the UK. We toured with American Sky, who are a truly sensational company. We had an inspiring and informative tour guide and a good-humoured driver, both of whom took care of our every need. Each day we would drive for a few hours, making frequent stops for souvenir shopping, lunch and of course ‘potty stops’. Below are some of my true highlights from the trip, which I would highly recommend any traveller to the West Coast include in their itinerary if possible. As I have so much I want to share, this is Part 1.

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