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Dan Struthers is a 3rd year American & English Literature student studying at University of East Anglia in Norwich (England). He currently studies at San Francisco State University and is making the most of the beautiful city and the liberal atmosphere. Having travelled around the typical European tourist getaways – Spain for the sun, Austria for the skiing and Italy for the sights – he is enjoying travelling around Western America. Having added L.A, Las Vegas, Yosemite, Napa Valley, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Muir Woods, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and Death Valley to his ‘done list’, Dan wishes to venture out to New York, Canada and Mexico among other places during this year abroad.

Marching Against Trump in San Francisco

As Trump declares war on anything he deems threatening with the announcement of the second Muslim Ban, I realise how fortunate I am to be studying in San Francisco for this year. San Francisco is a liberal bubble, with a rich history in LGBT rights led by Harvey Milk, and it’s this past that helps it lead the way forward in America. Considering San Francisco voted 85.5% Democrat in the 2016 General Election, it comes as no surprise that when Trump was announced president there was outrage. The people of the city, however, chose to show this not through violence but instead by organising a march against this outrageous president.

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