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Isabelle is studying Film and Television at The University of East Anglia, and is originally from Sheffield and a working class background. However, her parents did not feel that her class should limit her from experience and seeing the world in all its beauty and cultural differences. As a result, Isabelle spent her childhood travelling frequently to many different and unusual places. She did this on a budget, she and her family didn’t stay in the richest hotels or eat at five star restaurants, but this alone gave them a chance to see these countries for what they truly were as they skipped the expensive tourist side. From a young age, Isabelle was able to develop an open mind and have experiences that even most adults don’t get to have in their lifetime, and is now looking to write about her travels so she can convey the importance of seeing new places and how it has shaped her as a person.
Robert Lowe

Part 2: Querying Roman History

The beauty of Rome is one that can be viewed internally, as well as externally. The more you understand about  Continue reading


Part 1: The Trevi Fountain

Rome: the capital city where its country’s history vibrates through every crack in the pavements, and every Continue reading


From the Eyes of Babes: My Passionate Childhood Love Affair with India

India. A place far from the perceived normalities of Western culture. A place where colour is vibrant, loud, and constant; so constant and loud, that your senses combine to a point when you can almost hear, taste and smell what defines its physical nature. At eight years old, when I first travelled to South India, these were the things that stood out to me the most and I have found that a child reacts to their surroundings by what they see rather than what they hear or understand. Continue reading