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Khadijah is currently studying Arabic and English Language studies at the University of Manchester. She speaks English, Spanish and Farsi, and is learning Arabic. She believes that those who don't crave adventure are missing out and has had a generous sprinkling of wanderlust herself. 'The Dream' is to travel the world and be able to speak with the natives in the process and to write about her experiences or even about places that she hasn’t yet been lucky enough to catch the flight for. So far Khadijah has travelled to Spain (where she lived for a year), New York, Morocco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Venice, Rome, Ireland and more. She is most interested in writing about Europe and the Middle East, which she has recently gained a wonderful insight into thanks to a MEST module at University. Another love of Khadijah's is photography, and she is always torn between just living in the moment and leaving her camera at home and thinking: "Oh, but think of the beautiful shots you could get!" Khadijah loves to write and enjoys expanding on the endless unread journal pages that sit in her desk drawers.

Miracle of Marrakech

In 2012 I was blessed enough to take part in a World Challenge expedition to Morocco with a group of people from my high school. We went for two weeks towards the end of March, hoping to fulfil our goal of refurbishing and painting an old school in a beautiful Berber village. Continue reading