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Olivia is completing her final year of English and American Studies at the University of Nottingham, and was lucky enough to spend 2016 prolonging the student way of life, splitting her time between Charleston, South Carolina and Berlin, Germany, on her integral year abroad. Olivia tells people that she has an intense phobia of sand, but that's really an excuse to make her friends and family choose a weekend getting lost in a new city over loafing on a generic beach. If her pale self was stuck on said beach, she’d get through it with a little help from the Arctic Monkeys or Blossoms and the latest dystopian novel. Olivia would love to travel to each and every European capital city (10 down – slowly ticking of that list). Combining her love of country music, live sport & thriving nightlife, Olivia's head always wanders back to her American adventure in Nashville, but as a proud Northern gal, Manchester will always have her heart.
Stacey MacNaught

Manchester: Not As ‘Grim’ As You Might Think

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series "It's Grim Up North"

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