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Sam is a travel enthusiast. From a very young age, he has had the mindset to travel and experience every corner and pocket that our world has to offer, with a view of visiting every single one of the 193 countries in the world before he’s 40! Whilst having a degree in Product Design, Sam is currently a professional chef, after following his heart after graduating from Bournemouth University. Fortunately for him, there are fantastic career benefits of uprooting his life and replanting it all around the world, which is something he plans on doing in the not so distant future, allowing him to still cook but also feed the travel bug locked away inside him.

Road to Rio

South America has, in my mind, always been a world separated by more than just the Atlantic Ocean. Stories from friends who have ventured to the ancient Incan ruins or the vast ecosystem that makes up the Amazon, have always seemed like tales and fantasies, Continue reading