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Falling For Iguazu

Spanning the borders of three countries, Iguazu Falls is an outstanding feat of nature on a continent bursting with surreal landscapes and natural wonders. The Iguazu River tumbles over the Parana Plateau in an enormous, crashing cascade a few kilometres from where the two rivers merge. Continue reading


¡El Agua es Nuestra, Carajo!: Bolivia’s Struggles for Water Control in the Age of Climate Change

Seventeen years ago in April, residents of Bolivia’s Cochabamba region took to the streets under a simple slogan: ‘¡El agua es nuestra, carajo!’, or ‘The water is ours, Goddamn it!’ Continue reading


El Salvador: The Battle For Reproductive Rights

If, like me, your knowledge of El Salvador is limited to it being a small country in Central America, you will be forgiven for not knowing much about their stance on women’s reproductive rights. It’s a topic that has been quite easy to miss — unless you are an avid reader of the Americas sections of mainstream press — and is in need of attention.

El Salvador is one of five countries in the world that impose some of the strictest anti-abortion laws, Continue reading


A Sweet Escape: Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

It is a truth universally acknowledged in the Southern Cone that all porteños (natives of Buenos Aires) in want of a beach break, hot-foot it out of their homeland to the more northern, and far cleaner, shores of Uruguay and Brazil. So of course, when I found myself craving sea and sand Continue reading


Minca – Mountain Home of Coffee, Chocolate, Rainstorms and Toucans

Last summer, during our trip to Colombia, my travel buddy and I heard about a small town in the mountains near Santa Marta where you could visit chocolate and coffee plantations, go hiking, bird-watching and swim in waterfalls. Minca, we heard, was the place to spend a few days relaxing away from the heat of the coast, chilling in cute hostels and the popular Lazy Cat Café (where I was defeated by the most delicious vegan burger in Colombia!)

Continue reading