10 Things You Can Do In My Hometown: The New Forest

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At Exploration we like to cover everything from niche villages to iconic cities, bringing you must-visit attractions, up to date recommendations on food and honest advice that you won’t find in a brochure. Doing this however, we tend to forget what our hometowns can offer for the day-tripper, weekender or even for a 10-day holiday. This series offers writers and readers the chance to appreciate the UK before thinking about booking a flight out. 

The New Forest

Set in the south east of England, the New Forest a 145 square mile National Park, and one of the largest tourist destinations in the UK. The forest is also home to quaint villages, free-reigning livestock and miles of coastline, all with transport links to London, the north and the south west. The New Forest, however, is not new as the name suggests, as it was originally used as a hunting ground for William the Conqueror. It is also the resting place for big names including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Continue reading


10 Things You Can Do In My Home Town: Luxembourg

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Located in the heart of Europe, between Belgium, Germany and France, Luxembourg offers small city life and picturesque scenery. The country represents a mix of its neighbours’ characteristics while still having its own, unique charm. Its small size may suggest that there is very little to see, but if you know where to look, you will be surprised by what this tiny country has to offer. Here I will list ten of my favourite recommendations for everyone who plans to visit my home town (and country!)

The Old Town 

Luxembourg City’s old town is a great place to start your visit. Its fairytale-like turrets, winding rivers and stone bridges create a romantic and mystical atmosphere, and all the places of interest are only Continue reading


10 Things You Can Do In My Hometown: Hobart, Tasmania

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The charming city of Hobart in the south of Tasmania is my hometown. For a small state and a small city, we have a lot to offer: from unexplored coastal coves and breathtaking views, to rustic cafés and friendly faces. If you are an explorer, make sure to put Hobart on your travel bucket list and keep reading, as below are ten of my favourite things to do in my hometown.

  1.  The Fish Bar

If you are a fish ‘n’ chips fan like I am, this is the fish bar you want to visit. Drive over the Tasman Bridge and head towards Bellerive, which hosts Blundstone Arena where football and cricket games are held. The Fish Bar is just up from Bellerive beach. Whether you are wanting it to take-away or eat in, this bar has efficient service and great quality fish and chips. This is the perfect place to have a meal after a long day of exploring the city or lying on the beach.

Photo: thefossickerfiles.wordpress.com

2. Salamanca

Just past Constitution Docks is the aged and historic Salamanca Place. Once you’ve visited you’ll understand why tourists make it a ‘to-do’ on their itinerary and why locals can’t stay away! On Saturday mornings you can partake in the noisy and lively outdoor markets. This is the best place to get fresh and locally grown fruit and veg and unique handcrafted and handmade jewellery, clothing, Huon pine ornaments and wonderful flowers. With over three hundred stalls, you’ll certainly find something to take home as a souvenir. Continue reading


10 Things You Can Do In My Hometown: Hobart, Tasmania

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For all you art-loving foodies, Erin Cooper shares her inside knowledge of Hobart, Tasmania’s capital.

I’m Erin, and I’m what one would call a Hobartian, i.e. someone who lives in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. The entire state of Tasmania (that little island at the bottom of any map of Australia), has a population of about 500,000 people, with 200,000 of those living in Hobart. Statistics aside, you should all come to Hobart. Literally everybody should visit my wonderful hometown. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Salamanca Market

Sure, this is the most generic tourist hotspot in Hobart, but it’s highly visited for a reason. The market sprawls the length of the Salamanca area every Saturday morning, selling everything from handmade candles, to locally produced whiskey, honey, wood materials and doggie treats. If it can be made out of felt, Tasmanian pine wood or local Merino wool, Salamanca Market has got it. It’s also one of the best places to chat with the locals and watch buskers. Be sure not to eat before you come. There is so much food to experience. You want crepes? Salamanca Market. Bratwurst sausage? Salamanca Market. Dutch pancakes? Salamanca Market. You get my drift.

There’s something for everyone at Salamanca market. Photo: tailoredtasmania.com

Salamanca Market operates every Saturday morning and entry is free. A free shuttle to the market has several stops around the city. See here for details. 

2. Constitution Dock

Keep walking along the waterfront from Salamanca and you’ll find yourself in Constitution Dock. This is Tasmania’s answer to the French Riviera; it’s just as beautiful, but considerably cheaper. Constitution Dock plays host to the best fish and chips in Hobart in both conventional and floating restaurants, freshly made to order and caught in Tassie waters. Mako Fish and Mures Lower Deck are always great options. It’s definitely a view you can’t miss.

Photo: steveparish-natureconnect.com.au

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