Film and Fiction: ‘Tracks’ (2013)

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[Warning: vague spoilers]

“…like any journey, it’s not what you carry but what you leave behind.”   — Robyn Davidson

Tracks, directed by John Curran starring Mia Wasikowska and Adam Driver, is based on the novel, National Geographic article, and true story. It shares the tale of Robyn Davidson who walked 1,700 miles across the Australian Outback towards the Indian Ocean in 1977 with three camels and her dog. Accompanied at intervals along the way by National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan, and at others by an Aboriginal elder, Tracks is an intimate tale of loss, determination, and escapism.

Although the concept itself of Tracks may not seem like something we can all relate to, for me, the sentiment can be traced back to anyone who has ever quit their job, put all their stuff in a backpack and jumped on a plane heading to the unknown. As Davidson said, “I believe when you’ve been stuck too long in one spot, it’s best to throw a grenade and jump. And pray.”


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