Travelling through the USA: New York

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Setting out on a nine month trip around the world was always going to be a daunting task, especially when travelling independently. Therefore, starting off in the USA before heading over to the East felt as if it might ease me in gently to travelling. What I hadn’t realised was quite how different the USA would be from merry old England.

Arriving at JFK airport in New York was my first taste of the sheer vastness that is the USA, counting the flags from various countries as I made my way, starry eyed, towards immigration. I can’t say that the official at immigration was particularly welcoming. Whilst I understand this is their job, the fact that my flight out of the country wasn’t until three months later wasn’t really all that suspicious.

Being the savvy, frugal traveller that I am, I had scoffed at the idea of paying for a taxi from the airport to my hostel. Instead, I went for the idea of the SuperShuttle. The SuperShuttle is effectively a minibus which picks up a large group of people from the airport and drops each person at their respective accommodation, meaning everybody pays less! A great idea in theory, unfortunately for me, not so much in practice.

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