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Benjamin Thomas

Leaving Budapest in Royal Fashion 

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Exploring Budapest: history, architecture and lifestyles

Our final day of touring Budapest was here. After yet another brunch of pizza bread and baked goods, we headed out to make our way to the Hungarian Parliament. Upon entry into the Corvin-negyed metro station, we again inquired about our travel route at the information counter. With a bit of help from the people at the counter, combined with our map skills, we took the metro going to Deák Ferenc tér. From there, we were supposed to change Continue reading


The Heart of Berlin

The night train breezed into Berlin Hauptbahnhof, delivering us from Sweden sunburnt, barely awake and in desperate need of a shower. Realising we had to wait ninety minutes until the tourist information centre opened, we hauled ourselves and our laden backpacks outside, longing for a burst of fresh air. We were met by a wall of heat and blinding sunlight searing down on us, aggravating the beetroot skin on our backs. It was 6am and 30˚C.

The sun bathed a warm glow over every structure, obliterating shadows and creating an almost eerie light which watered-down the horizon, blurring buildings into one another until the skyline looked like a vast, molten watercolour. We were in awe of the intensity of the heat for that time in the morning, expecting the gentle, milky Swedish sun and delicate, crisp chill in the air that we’d become accustomed to.


Berlin’s famous Kurfürstendamm is the place to soak up the atmosphere, especially if you’re lucky enough for it to be 30˚C! (©  visitBerlin)

After manically abusing some free Wi-Fi we found a hotel online, headed west and sampled our first real taste of Berlin on the famous Kurfürstendamm. We headed to the first likely-looking bar, ‘Graffiti’. Sitting under the awning sipping iced tea and tucking into ice cream, we almost forgot we couldn’t check in to our hotel for another two hours, had seven blisters between us and bags under our eyes big enough to accommodate a good few Euros worth of duty free.

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