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Eid in the Middle East

Last week, the global Muslim population celebrated the end of Ramadan, having looked forward to the end of the fasting month, when Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated. This annual and widely-anticipated event marks the end of Continue reading


Rediscovering My Home Country And Its People

I left Pakistan four years ago to pursue my bachelor’s degree in English from the UK. One thing led to another and now I am pursuing my master’s here too and, thus, haven’t lived in my home country for four years. The decision that I made in the beginning still stands, however living in the UK and only visiting Pakistan in the holidays has led me to discover new things about the UK, Pakistan and myself.

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Pakistan’s Walls as Structures of Hope, Not Division

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Pakistan: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

I’ve spoken previously about poverty, overpopulation, terrorism, and corruption being some of the words which come to people’s minds when they hear the name ‘Pakistan’. I spoke of how this country was not short of amazing people wanting to bring positive changes in a place tarnished by corruption and fighting. I introduced readers to Nargis Latif, in an attempt to give her the recognition she deserves as her work is a source of strength for this nation.

She is not the only one though.  Continue reading


Giving Pakistan’s Nargis Latif the Recognition She Deserves

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Pakistan: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Poverty, overpopulation, terrorism, corruption — these are just some of the words which come to people’s minds when they hear the name Pakistan. During my time as a student in the UK, I have witnessed various reactions when I’ve told people I’m from Pakistan. Some of them have been quite funny — “Is there Nandos in Pakistan,” and “How do you speak such good English if you’re from Pakistan?”

After a silent chuckle over the silliness of these questions, I have usually tried to respond to these queries as maturely and informatively as possible, explaining to everyone that Pakistan is not that different from the rest of the world. These questions always ultimately made me feel upset — Pakistan so rarely makes it into the news, and when it does, the articles are always negative. No wonder the rest of the world has such negative ideas about it! Continue reading


Essentials For a Desi Road Trip

Road trips are one of the most popular ways to travel throughout South Asian countries like Pakistan. It’s almost a necessity to drive through Pakistan in order to truly experience every aspect of the country and to really understand the depth and breadth of it.

The importance of a road trip leads to questions about how to go about the trip, what to bring, what to be cautious about, how to organise the route, etc. Some areas of Pakistan are unsafe when its dark, some provinces are underdeveloped and have uneven roads. Then there’s worrying about the best places to stop for a rest and what the essentials to carry are. However, even though road trips within Pakistan have their challenges, they are certainly not impossible and are one of the most enjoyable and insightful experiences. Continue reading