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Around the World in Two Days

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Global Village is the fastest way to travel the world.

…Not literally, of course,  but this seasonal, cultural extravaganza allows you to visit most of the globe within a few hours.

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For the Love of Lima

I last visited Peru a couple of years back and I truly loved the country. I went in the dead of the British winter, which for Peru was the middle of summer. Fortunately, I was staying in Lima and, whilst it was very humid, the temperature did not go over the mid-30s in the city, which is quite typical for that time of year.

Lima itself is something of an eclectic city; a healthy mix of colonial architecture, which proudly shows off the Spanish origins of the city, surrounded by modern tower blocks which give Lima a more modern-day atmosphere. The Spanish architecture is stunning; buildings with the most intricate façades, arched Continue reading


Mexico at a Glance

Tequila, sombreros, ponchos, burritos, illegal immigrants..? What, with Donald Trump’s recent anti-Mexican rhetoric and his insistence on building a wall, it’s hard not to think Continue reading