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Queenstown, New Zealand: An Edible Itinerary

When my parents dropped the bombshell that they were planning on flying out to New Zealand to visit me and they wanted me to plan them a no-holds-barred itinerary, I never imagined that the hardest part would be short-listing all of my favourite places to eat. Given my obsession with all things edible and my insatiable appetite for eating out, I suppose this shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Queenstown boasts an impressive concentration of bars and restaurants, and to save you the pain and difficulty of choosing between the best establishments, I’ve drawn up a whistle-stop 24-hour food itinerary of menus that you absolutely must not miss.

Breakfast:  Bespoke Kitchen

You’ve arrived in the adventure capital of the world nice and early. You’ve got the entire day ahead of you to throw yourself off high things and scream at full lung capacity. What first? Breakfast and coffee, of course.

Bespoke Kitchen sits metres away from the Skyline gondola, one of the must-do sightseeing attractions of Queenstown. It may be more convenient to simply grab a coffee if you’re heading up the gondola to enjoy the view, but if you’ve got a bit of spare time before you do, it would be seriously rude (and foolish) not to give Bespoke a go.  

Bespoke has a small(ish) but fantastically varied menu offering all the usual suspects; expect perfect poached eggs, smashed avocado and fresh raw pressed juice alongside a multitude of options for people avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar. Your mind will be blown by the pure decadence of these raw treats. The chocolate salted caramel squares are perfect with Bespoke’s famous coffee, and are completely dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free. However, for those with no dietary requirements, there’s plenty of ‘normal’ cake to go around (the carrot cake is truly something to behold). The lunch menu also boasts a few firm favourites, though I must admit that I have opted for the pulled lamb flatbread with pumpkin hummus on more than one occasion because it was so delicious, barely giving the other dishes half a chance.

Bespoke Kitchen, Queenstown (source: tripadvisor)

On a more practical note, Bespoke Kitchen has outdoor seating, warmed by an open log fire and cosy blankets in the winter time, so even if you’ve swerved the sun and arrived in Queenstown to ski, you can still enjoy the mouth-watering treats Bespoke Kitchen has to offer. Continue reading


Taste Pakistan in a Day

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Travelling through the streets of Pakistan, food exists on every street corner. Whether it is a dhaba (a roadside eatery) or a fancy five star restaurant, food is one of the major tourist attractions in this country, attracting locals as well as foreigners — most families visit local restaurants at least once every two weeks.  The country’s many provinces make up the diverse cuisine — and each has its own speciality.

(© sbioak)

The interesting thing to keep in mind about Pakistani cuisine is that it is a refined blend of various cooking traditions of South Asia. Pakistani food is largely similar to North Indian cuisine – however it is also influenced by Afghan, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern cooking. As India and Pakistan used to be one country at a point in history, there are obvious overlaps in the traditional dishes of both countries.


The first meal of the day is obviously breakfast. Breakfast in a Pakistani household is simple and ranges from eggs, toast and tea, to paratha (flatbread), biscuits, rusk or croissants. On weekends or special occasions, an average Pakistani breakfast advances to the fancier dish of Halwa Puri. Continue reading


The Culinary Offerings of Athens’ Acropolis Museum

Athens’ significance as a historical centre surely cannot be disputed with its most visited site being the Acropolis, the ancient citadel overlooking the city which is home to the most famous temple in Greece: the Parthenon. The artefacts from the site of the Acropolis are (unsurprisingly) housed in the Acropolis Museum, which displays marble statues of the Greek gods and ancient Roman relics. Nowadays, a good café is considered a basic when visiting a national museum, but the Acropolis Museum’s restaurant really does go above and beyond what one might expect, and deserves some recognition in its own right. Having only opened back in 2009, the museum and its restaurant covers 14,000 metres and is sophisticated and futuristic in design – and definitely worth a trip to Athens in itself!

5034203-Acropolis_Museum_Athens(The Acropolis Museum offers more than artefacts and average food. www.virtualtourist.com)

The restaurant is located on the museum’s second floor, and is sleek and minimalist in its construction, with cool marble floors, 360° glass panels and a partially shaded terrace outside offering spectacular views of the Parthenon straight ahead and the equally ancient Makrygianni neighbourhood. For a restaurant with a contemporary design and a unique view, prices are considerably reasonable, with light meals and traditional bakery specialities also available (the Greeks are typically a nation of coffee lovers and pride themselves on offering fine coffee at even the most basic of locations).

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Dining in Singapore

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It might be a very small country that not many people think to visit. And it might be more of a country which, like Dubai, is considered more of a stopover place: but if there is one thing that is worth checking out in Singapore, it is the food.

Food is big in Singapore. It’s popular and its citizens will queue for as long as it takes for the local cuisine, and will eat at any time of the day and night. The most surprising thing is that it’s nothing fancy or extravagant. The best places to find it are in food markets and hawker centres (open air complexes with stalls selling a variety of different foods). Below are five of the best dishes to sample in Singapore…

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