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Feta, Filo & Fish: a Guide to Greek Food

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series My European Food Diary

This year I visited Greece for the first time to take part in a week-long yoga retreat. Anyone who has watched me try to touch my toes will understand why Continue reading


Lost in Jeju

Here, my friend, I present my love letter to this tiny volcano island in South Korea called Jeju. It was the destination of my graduation trip with university roommates to celebrate the next phase of my life. No need for a visa, Jeju is becoming a top choice for short travel for Chinese people.

Despite the language difficulties, Jeju is a wonderful place for independent travellers since the local people are warm and friendly, the weather is delightfully cool, the view of the sea is breathtaking, the city is well planned and artistic … and most importantly, there are so many cuisines to taste! I could only ever point on the menu and try to communicate with the waitress using the simple but universal hand gestures — “One this, one that, kam sa ham ni da (thank you)!” — and then give a small bow to show my gratitude and respect.

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