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My China Bucket List

I have always loved travelling, and as the end of my time at university drew to a close I knew that settling straight into a job, sat behind a desk, wasn’t for me. Fast forward a few months and here I am, just a few weeks away from moving to Beijing to spend a year teaching English, whilst experiencing and exploring the fascinating culture and history that China has to offer.

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Beijing: Where to Begin?

Have you ever been asked what your favourite place in the world is? One of my favourite places is Beijing. I was 11 when I first visited the city and I was totally amazed by the architecture left behind by the Qing Imperial family. The awe that had impacted me as a child would continue to impact many of my life’s decisions after leaving the place: I chose to study History in junior high school because a large part of the syllabus would be on Asian history; I took on China Studies in high school because I could study about the politicking in Zhongnanhai; in University I chose to specialise in East Asian political affairs, even though I wanted to learn French. This year, I went back to the place that has somehow managed to shape much of my life.   Continue reading