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Feta, Filo & Fish: a Guide to Greek Food

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series My European Food Diary

This year I visited Greece for the first time to take part in a week-long yoga retreat. Anyone who has watched me try to touch my toes will understand why Continue reading


How Asia Made Me Vegan

This entry is part 22 of 23 in the series World Kitchen

Last year I spent three months travelling around South East Asia.  When I left home I’d been wanting to make the final leap from vegetarian to vegan for some time. I’d already replaced cow’s milk for almond milk and I wasn’t too fussed about eggs but giving up butter and cheese seemed impossible.

Then I went to Asia. Continue reading


Vegan-Friendly Chilli sin Carne

This entry is part 13 of 23 in the series World Kitchen

Ah, chilli con carne – the staple student food – cook up a big batch and freeze it for quick and cheap meals, or all chip in and have a big flat feast. With a little sour cream you’ve got yourselves a perfect slice of foodie heaven.

A small problem comes into play when you live with a vegan. Suddenly both the chilli and the sour cream are off the table. You could always replace the mince meat with quorn, and the sour cream with a vegan version, but that (for me at least) just becomes a poor man’s chilli con sort-of-carne – not worth the bother. I present to you my alternative – a vegan bean chilli that has received some excellent reviews, and can be made mostly from store cupboard ingredients. This recipe will be your saviour when you find yourself at the last minute feeding a group of eight people, with varying dietary requirements on a Friday evening. That happens to other people too doesn’t it?!

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