So, here at Exploration we’re all for helping new writers out.

Yep, we want our writers to be the best. But that’s not to say you’re going to be the next Bill Bryson of travel writing when you start out – if you’re new to the game, you’re going to need a few pointers here and there. If you love writing, chances are you’ve already got the bare bones down, and probably a reasonable amount of talent too! But as with any skill, you need practice, you need motivation, and you need guidance from knowledgeable and friendly people. That’s where our Writers’ Guide comes in – it’s there if you need it to get some creative juices flowing.

In the Writers’ Guide we’ve tried to answer some of the Travel Writing 101 FAQs, such as…

  • Where should I look for inspiration?
  • How should I structure a good article?
  • How can I proofread effectively?
  • How should I present my ideas?
  • How do I know what sounds good?

You’ll also be shown how to recognise common grammar mistakes, cliches, and structural issues within your own work, and how to hone your own writing style and enhance your unique skills.

Download and save the PDF file below to have a browse. Good luck!



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